A Win For Our Community

While there was much nail biting on both sides about the Presidential elections, many of us were less concerned about the outcome of the race for Los Altos City Council. Why? Because we had a really good group of candidates, all of whom were interested in making Los Altos a better place. We were pleased to see two candidates we recommended – Lynette Lee Eng and Sally Meadows – be the two top vote getters.

So, with that said, we offer heartfelt congratulations to Lynette Lee Eng on her re-election and likewise congratulations to Jonathan Weinberg and Sally Meadows as the newest members of the City Council. The new Council members have the luxury of several weeks of peace and quiet before the demands of their new positions are upon them. However, once the new Council is seated there is much to do and we hope they can bring new ideas and perspective to the challenges the City must address.

We would also like to congratulate Deputy City Manager Jon Maginot, who will take on the role of Acting City Manager upon City Manager Chris Jordan’s departure from Los Altos on December 5th. We have known Jon for many years and look forward to his thoughtful, steady hand in steering the City through a challenging period of time.



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