The Community Center project – A train wreck in the making?

The 1993 film The Fugitive has an iconic scene where a freight train smashed into fugitive Richard Kimble’s (played by Harrison Ford) prisoner transport bus. After the impact the train derails, almost killing Kimble a second time. For those of us watching the Los Altos City Council meetings where the Community Center construction progress is being described, it brings back flashbacks of that movie and a train wreck happening before us, albeit in slow motion.

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The October Surprise — Local Politics At Its Worst

October used to be the month that brought us tricks or treats. In the last few years it has also brought October surprises just before elections. We have now grown to expect this at the national level, but it turns out October surprises are now being orchestrated at the local level, specifically the upcoming City Council elections.

The “Ted and Jerry Sorensen October Surprise” is here

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